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POPULAR SCIENCE RADIO brings you all the newest discoveries and emerging technologies, cutting-edge innovations in science and technology each week. Presented in an interactive, entertaining and easy to understand forum, this is your ultimate source for what’s new and what’s next.

Broadcast weekly, live from our Los Angeles studio, the show also takes you “on the road” for front row and behind the scenes coverage from technical and scientific events around the country. Get the latest on time travel, warp factors, reprogramming your mind, artificial intelligence, and the current innovations in automobiles, gadgets, food science, technology, DIY and lots more.

Join host Alan Taylor for features including a mix of scientific experts, bold inventors, tech geeks, dreamers, innovators, tinkerers, thinkers and celebrity guests.

Your source to uncover and explain the treasures found within the realms of the scientific and the technical on Nationally syndicated Radio, Podcasts, and more.