Elstun W. Lauesen holds a sign encouraging the recall of Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy at a rally Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019, in Anchorage, Alaska. (AP Photo/Mark Thiessen)

By MARK THIESSEN Associated Press
ANCHORAGE, Alaka (AP) — Organizers of an attempt to recall Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy on Tuesday announced a reinvigorated effort to collect signatures now that more people are receiving the COVID vaccine. The group is making the push for a final 22,000 signatures to force a recall election for the first-term Republican. The group said it has collected just under 50,000 signatures. To force a recall, they must gather 71,252 signatures in the effort fueled in part by anger over budget cuts after Dunleavy took office in 2018. Many of the budget cuts were later moderated or reversed. Lindsay Williams, a Dunleavy supporter and with the group Stand Tall With Mike, declined comment.