ROCKVILLE, Conn. (AP) – A University of Connecticut student accused of saying a racial slur outside a campus apartment complex has applied for a probation program that could result in the charge being erased.
Jarred Karal, of Plainville, applied for accelerated rehabilitation Wednesday in Rockville Superior Court. The program would result in the charge being erased after a probation period.
Karal and another student, Ryan Mucaj, of Granby, are charged with ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race.
Police say the two 21-year-old men said the racial slur several times in an apartment complex parking lot on Oct. 11.
The slur was recorded on video by a black student and led to protests. Karal and Mucaj are white.
Lawyers for Karal and Mucaj declined to comment Wednesday.