Fischer addresses governor’s proposed constitutional changes
Vic Fischer, the last surviving delegate of the Alaska Constitutional Convention, testifies before a state House committee on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, in Juneau, Alaska. Fischer spoke about changes to the state Constitution proposed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy. (AP Photo/Becky Bohrer)

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) – The last surviving delegate to the Alaska Constitutional Convention says he was “appalled” by a proposed change to the Constitution he says would place limits on taxation.

Vic Fischer testified before a state House committee Tuesday. He says a constitutional change proposed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy would undermine an existing constitutional principle stating that the power of taxation shall never be surrendered.

Dunleavy has proposed a constitutional amendment that would give voters a say on any new or increased taxes and give the Legislature a say on any voter-approved initiative establishing a state tax or raising an existing tax. Dunleavy has cast this and other proposed constitutional changes as part of a fiscal plan.

The measures need two-thirds support in each the House and Senate to be placed before voters.