Navy taking public comment on Gulf of Alaska exercises
A Northrop Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat is hurled into the air from the deck of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis Sunday, June 13, 2004, in the Gulf of Alaska as the ship takes part in the joint military exercise Northern Edge 2004. (AP Photo/Mark Farmer)

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) – A spokeswoman for the Navy says it’s collecting public comment about its proposal to again use the Gulf of Alaska for training exercises. The Juneau Empire reports Exercise Northern Edge is a major Army, Navy and Air Force exercise held every two years. The supercarrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and its escorts took part in exercises last year. The public in the past has expressed concern about Navy sonar and explosive ordnance disturbing marine life. Navy spokeswoman Julianne Stanford says an environmental review is about hearing concerns so that the Navy can avoid negatively affecting marine mammals such as humpback whales, gray whales and Steller sea lions.